March 1 2023

Samantha Lubanzu is a busy woman.

With five children, including twins, plus another baby soon to join the family, she never stops. Yet the Business and Career Coach, who is also a twin, always has time for others and she loves to shout from the rooftops about how Twins Trust has helped her and her family.

She’s keen to back the Saving Babies’ Lives Campaign and knows how important funding and research is to improve outcomes for families of multiples.

Her twins, Ameliah and Levi, turn three in April. They were born three months early during the coronavirus pandemic.

Samantha said: “It was hard during the coronavirus – I was in my own little bubble."

Samantha and her twins.


Twins Trust has been game-changing for me. One of my relatives who has twins told me to join Twins Trust. I pay my membership and I get free support at a time when I needed it.

Samantha was offered support by a Norlander and said she was grateful to have this help during the coronavirus lockdown.

Samantha added: “When I was in hospital with the twins and I was reading other people’s stories of hope on the Twins Trust website, it gave me hope. You need the stories to inspire you and keep you going, it’s a long journey when your babies are premature.”