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Chris and Vanya Lee's story

Chris Jenkins and his partner Vanya-Lee welcomed their triplets into the world in May 2021.

Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Act receives Royal Assent

We like to celebrate good news... and this is worth celebrating! The Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Act has received 'Royal Assent' meaning that it is now law.

Samantha's story

Samantha's twins were born three months early during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hannah's story

Hannah's twins were born by Caesarean at 36 weeks.

Lauren's story

Effie and RuairĂ­ were born at 29 weeks + 4 days and were in a NNU until 35 weeks.

Holly's story

Florence and Beatrice were born via emergency c-section at 31+5 weeks.

Tarn's story

Harry and Eloise were born at 27 weeks +5 days.

Jennifer's story

Poppy and Piran were delivered via c-section at 34 weeks.