23 August 2023

Following the verdict in the Lucy Letby trial last week, we have this week written to the Lord Chancellor, Rt Hon Alex Chalk KC MP, expressing our concern that the subsequent inquiry is to be held on a non-statutory basis.

The Letby case shows significant failings and it is right, and necessary, that it is investigated fully. It is concerning that there is consideration for this inquiry to be held on any basis other than statutory.

The full text of our letter to the Lord Chancellor can be read below, which has also been copied to: Health Secretary, Rt Hon Steve Barclay MP; Chair of the Health Select Committee, Steve Brine MP; Shadow Justice Secretary, Steve Reed MP; Shadow Health Secretary, Wes Streeting MP; and Luke Hall MP in his role as an Officer of the Birth Trauma APPG.

You can also write to your local MP to voice your concerns.


Dear Lord Chancellor,

We at Twins Trust are extremely concerned that the government has decided to make the Lucy Letby inquiry non-statutory. 

So many of the families who we represent – those with twins, triplets or higher order multiples – have spent time in NICU. This horrific ordeal will cast a seed of doubt in the mind of every expectant and new parent for years to come about whether the care they're receiving is properly monitored. 

The Lucy Letby case was devastating for all concerned, particularly the victims and their families. There’s nothing that can be done to repair the damage caused and the lives lost. There were significant failings and it is only right that these should be investigated fully with the power to compel witnesses to give evidence. The government owes it to all of the families involved here to ensure that those concerned about patient care are actually heard. 

Our families are entitled to the best possible maternity care and we will leave no stone unturned in fighting for this. A statutory inquiry into the failings in the Lucy Letby case would be a good starting point.  

Given the severity of this case, we would be grateful for your assurance that a statutory inquiry will be held.

Yours sincerely
Helen Peck
Head of Healthcare Engagement and Research