Preschools or nurseries provide a great environment for learning and social development for children up to age four. They help them understand how to interact with other children and adults, enjoy messy or sensory play, role play with other children and gain a safe introduction to life outside of the home.


How to choose your preschool setting

It can be a daunting task choosing the childcare setting for your children and there are plenty of choices available.

A good starting point for making this decision is asking other parents in your local area. Try to look at the suitability of each option for each child individually, as well as for the children together. It's often a good idea to talk to the nursery about whether they have a 'multiples policy'. If they do, the best policies state that every situation is different and the needs of every child should be assessed individually. If you get this understanding from the staff when you speak to them and feel that they recognise each child as unique, then this is a great place to start.

When you visit preschool settings, speak to the staff who will have direct contact with your children and gain an understanding of how they perceive multiples. With the rising cost of childcare, it's also worth asking if the providers have a siblings discount, to reduce the financial burden on your family.


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What type of childcare is best for my children's development?

Whether it be a preschool, nursery, childminder or forest preschool, all preschool settings are subject to the same Ofsted curriculum and evaluations. You can check on the Ofsted website for any assessments, ratings or concerns about a provider before you make your decision. Aside from the learning, also take stock of the type of environment that you want your children to spend their time in: what is the room like, what is the routine flexibility like, or what type of food do they serve? These can vary greatly across providers and are often important factors in the decision-making process.


When do I need to apply for my children's preschool place?

This is a common question that varies greatly depending on your location and choice of provider. In areas of high demand such as London or larger cities, if you're looking at a popular provider, you may need to be considering your childcare provider up to a year in advance.

It’s worth starting to look at providers much earlier than you will need them, to give yourself the time, space and reduce any pressure in making the decision.


What help is available for funding childcare for multiples?

Find more information around the funding and support available for paying for childcare, including information around funded hours, tax-free childcare and all of the available childcare options.

Childcare options


After you've chosen your preschool
Preparing for preschool with multiples

Beginning preschool or nursery is a big milestone for both you and your children. There are a number of things that you can do to make the transition easier for both yourself and your children.

Getting ready to move from preschool to primary school

Moving from preschool or nursery settings to beginning primary school is a huge milestone for any child and it’s important to reassure and prepare them as much as possible to make the transition go smoothly.


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Personal stories from parents of multiples
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