Full-time education is a big milestone for children, and for parents too! You'll be thinking about whether to educate your children together - should they go to the same school, or be in the same class? You may be wondering whether your children are ready for primary school, how to ensure your application is considered as a multiple-birth, or how to prepare them for their next big step.

We're here to help you feel supported for your children's transition to school with the below resources, an online support group and our helpline.


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Applying for primary school with multiples

Access resources around applying for primary schools, including:

Primary school applications


Should my children start school together or apart?

This is a very personal question to your family and it depends entirely on how you think your children will thrive independently. We have created a bank of information to help with making this choice and holding these discussions with your children's teachers and school admissions staff.

Together or apart?


How to appeal primary school admissions decisions

Sometimes, you won't get a place at the school where you want to send your children and, depending on the circumstances, you may want to appeal this decision. We have created a support pack and hub of information to help guide you through this process.

Appealing applications


Preparing your twins, triplets and more for primary school

Starting school is a huge milestone for any child, so we've created resources, guides and advice to help you navigate this big step.

Preparing for primary school


Further help and resources from Twins Trust

We understand that there are a lot of questions around your children starting primary school - especially when twins and triplets are more likely to experience developmental delays and prematurity. The below resources can help you feel confident and supported with this next stage of parenting.

Online community

Our online community groups offer a supportive environment for parents or carers of twins, triplets or more.


Our helpline, Twinline, is here to support you, answering questions about feeding, sleeping, starting school, friendships, getting to grips with the teenage years, or anything else multiples related.

Professional Referral Service

We have a team of volunteers - all professional experts in their field - who can help families of multiples with educational and development issues.


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