Are you unhappy with the school that your children have been allocated? If you're considering appealing the decision about which school your twins or triplets have been accepted at, we've created a hub of information to help you with this decision and process.


Why might I appeal a decision?

You may wish to appeal if:

  • You've not been offered school places in the school of your choice.
  • Your circumstances have changed since you applied for school and the allocated school is now no longer appropriate.
  • Only one from a set of multiples has been offered a place at your preferred school. You can appeal for a second place or more on the grounds that the multiple siblings are 'excepted children'. In infant schools, they may exceed the 30-children class limit in order to admit 'excepted' pupils.


Five school children are seen from the waist down sitting on a wall, two are wearing skirts and three wear trousers


How does the appeals process work?

If you aren't happy with the school your children have been allocated, you are entitled to appeal to an independent appeals panel. Lodging this appeal doesn't affect your chances of being allocated a place from a waiting list. It's helpful to read the appeals section on the website to find out the latest guidance around appeals.

When embarking on an appeals process, it's best to approach it with a systematic legal style - this means potentially engaging a lawyer to represent you. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the people you are trying to influence are members of the appeal panel, not the school or the local authority. They will be appropriately trained and independent. If it's possible to attend the appeal in person, this will usually count favourably with the panel.

In most cases, the panel will give you time to get all of your points across and then often question the Admission Authority to ensure that you have been treated fairly. Be comprehensive with your points. Ensure that the focus is on meeting the needs of your children and how your school of choice is able to meet those needs better than the school your children have been allocated to.


Advice for putting together your appeal

Always set out your appeal clearly and make sure it's a positive statement for the chosen school, not an appeal against the school your children are allocated to. Collect evidence from professionals such as the preschool workers, health visitors or health professionals who know your children.

You will need to submit appeal paperwork for each child and for each school. As with your original application, you will need to clearly state that the appeal is for a child that is a multiple-birth child and that the case needs to be considered together as siblings.


Further help and resources from Twins Trust

We understand that there are a lot of questions around your children starting primary school - especially when twins and triplets are more likely to experience developmental delays and prematurity. The below resources can help you feel confident and supported with this next stage of parenting.

Online community

Our online community groups offer a supportive environment for parents or carers of twins, triplets or more.


Our helpline, Twinline, is here to support you, answering questions about feeding, sleeping, starting school, friendships, getting to grips with the teenage years, or anything else multiples related.

Professional Referral Service

We have a team of volunteers - all professional experts in their field - who can help families of multiples with educational and development issues.


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