Getting out of the house for fresh air is good for you and your babies, plus it helps break up the day.  Here are our tips for managing.

When going out in the early days ask a family member or friend if they can come with you to lend an extra pair of hands (even if it is just a small walk) to help and for you to gain confidence.

Twin babies sleeping in buggy

Plan things in advance, and don’t be too ambitious: small children are just as happy with a small outing as they are with an all-day marathon. If you are going by public transport make sure you have researched transport options including double buggy access.  If you are going to a café or restaurant, ring ahead to check on the availability of high chairs as well as double buggy access/storage space for the buggy.  Take small toys or activities to amuse the babies as well as food and snacks that you know they like.  It’s good to have these on hand anyway in case of any delays or changes to your plans. Find a local park where it is safe for the children to run around and make it a regular destination. Attending a multiples club can also provide great opportunities for safe roaming.


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