The news that you are pregnant with twins, triplets or more can be both exciting and overwhelming. Parents-to-be can have mixed emotions when they get the news; rest assured this is completely normal. There is a lot of information to take in but remember, Twins Trust is here for you every step of your journey.

Three ladies pregnant with twins, triplets or more

Twins Trust's Pregnancy Countdown Tool is designed to help you feel supported and to enable you to make informed choices about your pregnancy and the care you receive. While many mothers will not know that they are carrying multiples until the end of the first trimester, and although multiples grow and develop at about the same rate as a single baby, even at this stage a twin, triplet or more pregnancy is different. By registering for the countdown tool you will receive access to lots of valuable resources and support. As the worldwide leader in supporting parents of twins, triplets or more, Twins Trust will be by your side on this amazing journey to becoming a parent of multiples.

We’re here to guide you week by week with our countdown tool. Each week we will:

  • Give you the heads up on the changes you might be experiencing physically and emotionally.
  • Share information on how your babies are developing in the womb.
  • Tell you about what care you should expect to ensure you are informed of the choices available to you.
  • Signpost you to those essential Twins Trust resources that will help support you through your pregnancy journey and the early weeks after your babies are born. 


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