The first year with your babies is exciting. Those first cuddles, first smiles and first giggles are precious moments.  We’re here to help you in the early days with lots of information about bringing your babies home, finding a routine that works for you, feeding more than one baby, bonding, sleep and how to manage common concerns such as crying and colic.


The options for feeding multiples are the same as feeding singleton babies these being, breastfeeding, mixed feeding, feeding expressed milk solely or formula (bottle) feeding.


Many parents find having a routine is invaluable in caring for more than one baby. A routine needs to be flexible and something that works for you and your family situation.


When your babies arrive you may wonder what their sleep will be like. You may also have questions about safe sleeping including how to sleep your babies together in the same cot.

Development & Milestones

Most twins, triplets and more grow and develop along roughly the same lines as their singleton peers. Find out more about milestones for twins and triplets.


All parents respond to their babies in different ways, whether they have one baby or four. Find out about bonding with your babies.


From birth onwards, all children need to develop a sense of self. How can you help develop your children’s individuality?


How do you cope when two or more children are poorly, colicky or just plain crying? A rough guide to coping in trying times.


Yes, it’s going to be messy but it will be fun too. To help you prepare for weaning, we have put together lots of resources to help.

Bathing your babies

As a new parent of twins, triplets or more bathing all of them can be an overwhelming thought. It doesn’t have to be.


Twins Trust have produced a booklet and videos to guide you through play with your twins, triplets and more right from birth and as they develop.