It’s that time of year again…the kids are officially bored, squabbling, complaining and eating you out of house and home for the next 6 weeks!

With the summer break officially underway, we’ve got some parent survival tips to make the holidays fun for you AND the kids!

Twins and older sister dressed for summer

Get the house chores done

The younger ones will love helping mummy or daddy do the gardening or wash the dog and the older ones will jump at the chance of a bit of pocket money.

Wear them out

Hot day? Have a water fight and cool down. Also good for them to get rid of all that extra energy. Where do they get it all from?!

You don’t need to spend money

Do they have a favourite book or film? Grab your phone and get them to act out their very own version. Plus this gives them something to watch back when they inevitably decide they’re bored again! If they're a bit older they may even want to do the filming themselves (just make sure there is a protective case on that phone!)

Make memories

Give them a doodle diary to draw their favourite part of the day in. This gives you half an hour a day to get some ‘me time’ and they get a memory book to look back on at the end of the break. Also handy if their teacher asks them what they've been doing over the holidays.

Remember we’re in Britain

We can’t guarantee sun the whole time but there’s nothing wrong with heading to the park on a rainy day for some puddle jumping!

Hunt down forgotten gifts

Remember all those craft toys and jigsaws they got for birthdays or Christmases? Now’s the time to get them out.

Enjoy the fresh air

Be ‘picnic ready’. There's lots of open space that families can visit safely whether that is the park on a quieter day or a day out exploring local nature spots. Grab a picnic and enjoy the great outdoors.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Try to give yourself a break

It’s not just the kids that need time off, so where possible why not see if a grandparent or friend can come and supervise for an hour or two so you can get a break. 

You can do this (We don’t have much choice) but when in doubt…. stick on a classic Disney.