Babies are not able to regulate their own heat as well as we can and they can’t tell us when they are hot, so it’s really important to ensure they are protected from the heat and the sun. Remember, if you are hot, your babies will be hot! 

We've put together some tips aimed for babies aged 0-6 months.

  • Babies less than 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight at all times.  Their skin is so delicate at this stage and will burn very easily.
  • Prams and buggies should not be covered with a blanket or muslin in the hot weather.  This can cause babies to overheat, as the hot air can’t escape.  Either place your babies in the shade or use a parasol or sunshade with UV protection. 
  • Fix window sun shades to the rear windows of your car.  This will help keep your babies cooler and will protect them from the sun’s strong UV rays.
  • Babies are always hotter in their car seats as they are designed to be such a tight fit.  Keep time in car seats to a minimum when it is extremely hot and remove your babies from them from when you are no longer driving.   Ensure they are in cool clothing and don’t cover them with a blanket.
  • Wearing less is also helpful when keeping your babies cool. However be aware that newborn babies can sometimes feel more unsettled when undressed.  If this is the case, you can try dressing them in a lightweight cotton vest.
  • Keep their bath water cooler and dress them in less at night time to keep them cooler, this will help them sleep better.
  • Keep your bedroom cooler throughout the day by keeping curtains shut.
  • When sleeping at night your babies will sleep most comfortably when the room is between 16 and 20C. A room thermometer can help you monitor this.  Increase air circulation with an open window or fan if the room becomes too hot.
Baby twins in summer hats

Do you have older children? Here are some fun ways to keep cool in the summer sun.

Here are seven fun ways to keep the kids (or you) cool this summer.

  • Wash the car! You can all slosh the water over the car, who cares if the children get wet? In this heat, they’ll dry off in minutes. Make the car wash fun for all the family and get a good job done at the same time. Great family bonding fun. Don't forget to reapply the sun cream after it being washed off.
  • Play catch. Not with a ball, but with a balloon filled with water! Start by standing close together and throw the balloon to each other, gradually move farther and farther apart so it gets trickier to catch the balloon. When someone drops it – splash!
  • Make your own ice lollies. Easy, if you have some lolly moulds. Just make up some squash and pour into the lolly moulds and freeze. Instant cooling ice lollies for everyone and much cheaper than a Magnum!
  • Have a wet sponge fight. Cut up some sponges, dip in cool water and let the sponge games begin in the garden!
  • Water play. You can’t really beat the classic washing up tub filled with water and let the little ones have fun with water play using household items, little plastic cups, spoons, a plastic jug and a sieve. If you have a water table even better, they’ll stand there for ages pouring and mixing.
  • Water balloon piñata. Water balloons are different to normal balloons as they are much thinner and therefore easier to break. They’re also a bit more expensive to buy than normal balloons. But this is great fun. Fill balloons with water, use string to tie them onto a piece of garden cane, grown-ups hold them up and kids can try to break them using a baton. You could use the inner cardboard tube from a roll of kitchen foil.
  • Set up a slip and slide. Place it near a garden hose, use a little bit of washing up liquid and get sliding! Be aware that the ground is hard at the moment so make sure the young ones slide with caution!
Twins playing in paddling pool