Would you like the opportunity to ask an expert questions about your babies or childrens sleep? Or maybe you'd like to chat with other parents of twins and triplets about your babies or childrens sleep?  

We know getting a good night's sleep can be challenging for all parents, but even more so for parents of twins, triplets or more. Maybe you’re struggling to get your babies to nap in the daytime. Or having trouble getting them to sleep at night. Maybe you’re transitioning from cods to beds. Or have excitable toddlers who don't want to calm down for bedtime. Whatever the issue our sleep clinic can provide reassurance and advice on the right strategies for your family.

Our sleep clinic is hosted by Stephanie Modell who is the author of 'The baby sleep guide' and '100 tips to help your baby to sleep'. Steph works as a maternity nurse and a sleep consultant. She is a triplet mum and so understands first hand the extra challenges parenting multiples brings.

The clinic is an interactive session to ask questions, raise concerns and get reassurance from our host and also other parents of twins, triplets or more. It's a safe and supportive environment and is very informal. You can attend anytime between 11am to 12pm.

Where possible we recommend you’ve watched the relevant parenting course before attending our free clinics.
If your babies are aged under one year we'd recommend watching our Sleep expectations webinar . If your children are between 1 and 5 years we recommend viewing our Sleep online course