Play is such an important part of our twins, triplets and more life. Right from birth the way we bond with our babies through cuddles and close interactions, throughout their early years where they start to understand the world, develop social skills and learn to express themselves.

Twins Trust have produced a play booklet to guide you through being able to increase the amount of play with your twins, triplets and more as they develop. It is important to note that all babies and children are different and you must choose activities that are appropriate to your child's stage. There are also accompanying videos to support these ideas in practice.

Play 0-6 months

If you’re wondering how you can play with babies that are so young, our play booklet is packed full of suggestions.

Play 6-12 months

Between 6-12 months your babies will begin to start playing alongside each other. Our play booklet gives you lots of ideas of how to play with your babies.

Play 12-18 months

Your babies will either be on the move or soon on the move! Our play booklet gives some tips on how to keep your babies safe at this stage as well as sharing lots of different play ideas.

Play 18-24 months

Between 18 and 24 months your babies language will start to be developing. Unleash your creative side by getting involved in some role play activities.

Play 2-3 years

As your children are becoming more independent, and may be spending time at pre-school or nursery, it is important to encourage their individuality.

Play 3+ years

From age 3, you may find that your children want to get involved with the jobs that you do in the house. We have lot of ideas in our play booklet and videos.

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Play: Multiple Specific Challenges

Play activities and ideas for twins, triplets and more. We highlight specific challenged faced by parents of twins, triplets or more.

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Enhancing sensory development through play

Play activities to enhance sensory development for twins, triplet and more.