Some parents potty train their twins, triplets or more at the same time. Others find that one child is ready earlier. It's important to remember to start when each child is ready.

The main factors determining when a child is ready for potty training are muscle control and mental readiness. Resist pressure to start early: this usually means a long struggle and a lot of puddles! Wait until the child shows signs of readiness, such as being able to use the potty when asked, tugging at their nappy when wet or dirty and being aware of when they wee or poo in their nappy.

Twins on their potties


Twins Trust has a potty training factsheet covering :

  • How to prepare for potty training
  • Signs of readiness for your twins, triplets and more
  • Our top tips and information
Going potty
Tired of dirty nappies, twin mum Jennifer Filippini decided to take radical action.