All babies are individuals and as the triplets and more start to get older, you'll notice their personalities coming through. You'll also start to notice that they might need different amounts of attention at different times. This is completely normal and you'll find they swap as they grow and at different points in their lives they need differing amounts of attention. So don’t feel guilty when one baby is taking up lots of your time and the others are ok. This may well swap as their development changes.

Don’t forget the triplets and more don’t always have to be dealt with as a unit. If one's crying and the others are quiet and you have a helping hand, encourage them to take the upset baby out and leave the others with you. Having three or four babies to care for will become the norm and so when one is taken away and you're only dealing with two or three, it feels so easy!

Triplet babies on a playmat

Making it easier to tell them apart can really help promote their individuality as well.

One-to-one time is difficult to come by when you're caring for more than two babies. However, this solo time can be a nappy change, five minutes when one wakes up before the others or the time when one takes a little longer to settle to sleep than the others. Make sure you share the one-to-one time out, so it's not always the same baby getting it from certain people. Some parents have specific songs they sing to each baby whilst doing a nappy change or have a particular game they play with each one separately. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the time and don’t put pressure on yourself. Sometimes you'll feel rushed and that’s ok, but when you do grab a minute, cherish it.

Some more tips from triplet parents..
  • Don’t always photograph them together, take pictures of them individually and name them. I used to photograph each baby with a different soft toy so I knew who was who in the photos!
  • Treating them as individuals from the start made it easier as they got older for them to develop their own personalities and become their own people as well as enjoy the unique triplet relationship. People never grouped them together as I was insistent that they were all addressed separately from the start.