Firstly, don’t set expectations too high. It's hard caring for three or more babies so don’t think you will be out walking around with them all alone as soon as you get home. Take it in stages and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Go out with support to start with so that you can build your confidence and don’t make the outings too adventurous. It’s a massive achievement just to get three babies out of the house to start with.

Triplets in car seats

I found it important to get out. Taking the babies for a walk during one of their nap times and going to baby groups really helped me feel less isolated!

If you feel like you're keen to chat to other families with twins, triplets or more and don’t feel confident enough to go out, why not try coming along to our virtual club, a relaxed, informal way to meet other parents who understand and may be experiencing similar things.

As you start to venture further afield, be prepared for the amount of attention you may receive if you have a triplet pushchair or have all three babies with you at once. It can be really lovely and if you have time and feel happy to stop and chat then enjoy it. On the flip side some members of the public can be quite derogatory and produce quite unhelpful comments which can make it worse if you're having a bad day.