1 August 2021

Babies Lily and Ruby Bryan will be nearly seven months old when they take part in their first charity walk.

Their parents, Sophie and Chris, have signed up for the family to take part in the Walk 10K for TTTS 2022 for Twins Trust.

Mum Sophie spoke about the walk and why they decided to support the important event.

She said: “We are parents to identical twins (MCDA), Lily and Ruby. The girls are our first children so as soon as we found out we were having twins it was a steep learning curve for us both.

“Twins Trust charity was recommended by our GP and we immediately signed up for a number of the webinars online, which was ideal during the Covid period as we couldn't meet people in person. We signed up for the walk as we are keen to give something back to the charity and do our first charity event with the twins.”

They are excited about meeting other parents of multiples at the walk, as well as being able to socialise with families who might have gone through a similar journey to the one they faced.

Sophie added: “Chris' mum and aunt (identical mirror twins) have been supporting the Department of Twin Research for years and have both seen the positive developments that scientific research can bring. We want to ensure that all current and planned medical research continues for the future as there is still so much we don't know.”

Sophie and Chris with their babies, Lily and Ruby

Twins Trust has been incredibly beneficial for Sophie and Chris, who have made use of the many resources available to families.

Sophie said: “For Chris and I, Twins Trust has been a lifeline in terms of support. We have attended several webinars, Zoom coffee catch-up calls and also referred to many of the online materials shared. These resources have all allowed us to develop and grow as parents without judgement but simply the understanding that raising multiples can be challenging (but so rewarding too!).”