27 February 2023

Mum-of-three Nichola Luther has the perfect reason to support the Saving Babies’ Lives campaign – her beautiful twin boys, Leo and Asher.

Nichola and husband Pete have been helping to raise awareness of TAPS since their twins were diagnosed with the condition when Nichola was 25 weeks pregnant. TAPS is a rare complication that is specific to monochorionic pregnancies, where babies share a placenta. It happens in 3% to 5% of these pregnancies. Small blood vessels can form in the placenta between the babies, connecting their blood supplies, allowing a slow passage of blood from one baby to the other.

Nichola, also mum to her eldest son Sebby, was told she had TAPS in March 2020, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. She underwent lifesaving laser ablation surgery on the twins.

Nichola and Pete Luther with their twin boys

Today, she looks at Leo and Asher, who will be three in April, and thanks her lucky stars for the treatment that saved their lives. She was under the care of Professor Asma Khalil at St George’s Hospital in London, where the Twins Trust Centre for Research and Clinical Excellence is based.

Twins Trust works tirelessly to help and support parents of multiples with research, information and support

Nichola said: “The Saving Babies’ Lives Campaign is so important to me for so many reasons but fundamentally because all babies deserve a chance of life.
“Without Twins Trust and the wonderful work they do with St. George’s Hospital, we would have lost our beautiful boys.“Without your help and donations, this work wouldn’t be able to happen. Please help not only support multiple families but above all, save babies’ lives.”