1 December 2021

Mini reindeers and their families put their handmade antlers to the test when they took part in their inaugural Reindeer Run 2021. 

Members of the Beckenham and Bromley Twins+ Club organised the Twins Trust festive fundraiser and have so far raised an amazing £155. 

Beckenham and Bromley Twins+ Club Mini Reindeer Run fundraiser

Eight families took part in the event in Norman Park, Bromley, on Sunday (November 28). Parents with new babies led the way with their prams while toddlers grabbed the chance to run free.  Other families joined in the run but in other locations closer to their homes.  

Reindeer Run participant and twin mum Amy Dukart, committee member for the club, said: “It was such a lovely day. We were really lucky with the weather. The sun was out, it was absolutely freezing but everyone wrapped up. 

“The toddlers were running and the parents were walking and talking.  

“Twins Trust made it really easy to organise as there was a whole page on the website dedicated to the Reindeer Run and a pack to download.  

Beckenham and Bromley Twins+ Club Mini Reindeer Run fundraiser

“We set up a Just Giving page and then linked that to Twins Trust. 

“We made the reindeer antlers in playgroup on our craft table.” 

Thanks to the club’s popular social media pages, they were able to share the Just Giving page link far and wide for people to donate for the event.  

The club asked each family taking part to give a £5 donation and encouraged participants to collect their own sponsors too. 

After supporters saw photos of the Reindeer Run, more donations came flooding in.  

Amy added: “I definitely would recommend it. It was no trouble at all. We told people they didn’t have to run or be mega fit to do it. Nobody was put off by the cold weather.” 

If you are organising your very own Reindeer Run for Twins Trust, Amy said: “Pick a good location. If it’s one with a coffee shop, you’re winning.” 

Speaking about the Beckenham and Bromley Twins+ Club, Amy added: “Our Facebook group has just over 500 members. We are one of the biggest clubs for multiples in the country and one of the oldest. 

“The club started in 1979. It’s a big club with a big history. It is close to lots of people’s hearts, as is Twins Trust.  

“After having the lockdowns, it is nice to do something and bring everyone back together. 

“Obviously it was for a great cause.” 

Find out more about how to organise your own Reindeer Run here.