Why choose a Twins Trust Antenatal Online Course?

  • Tailor made for multiple pregnancies
  • Only £105 per couple 
  • Interactive sessions run by a trained antenatal teacher with experience in multiple births
  • Get lots of practical tips for the exciting journey ahead from the comfort of your own home
  • Get your questions answered in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.
  • Continued support after the birth if needed
  • Meet (virtually) others expecting twin, triplets or more and start to form a support network

Twins Trust is the leading UK provider of specialist multiple birth specific antenatal courses.


What will I learn?

Part One – Birth of your twins, triplets or more

  • What factors influence the type of birth for your twins or more
  • How can your birth partner support you
  • How can you prepare for the birth
  • What are the signs of labour and premature labour
  • When to go to hospital and what to take for you and your babies
  • What to expect if you have a vaginal and caesarean birth
  • How will you choice be different due to having multiples
  • What happens if your babies arrive early

Part Two – Hope to cope in the early weeks

  • Postnatal recovery from caesarean and vaginal birth
  • How to look after yourself and your relationship
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Postnatal Depression, and what support is available
  • How to cope with babies crying
  • What health checks will there be for you and your babies

Part Three – How to care for your babies

  • How to bath twins or more
  • How to change nappies
  • How to sleep twins and triplets safely
  • Sleep expectations and routines
  • How to feed two or more babies
  • How do you know your babies are doing well
  • Recognising signs of illness in your babies
  • Immunisations
  • Early milestones


What does the course include?

The course costs £105 per couple and includes the following:

  • Three 2-hour online interactive sessions
  • Expert Multiple Birth Antenatal Teacher
  • Digital Information pack including pdfs of Twins Trust's most popular booklets (Healthy Multiple Pregnancy Guide, Breastfeeding Guide and Preparing for Parenthood Guide)
  • Post course follow up support
  • Opportunity to meet (virtually) other people expecting twins, triplets or more
  • A WhatsApp group set up for course attendees to join, should they wish to

You may book antenatal courses for anytime during your pregnancy but to get the most out of the course we suggest attending between 20 weeks and 32 weeks of pregnancy.

If you already have a child or children but this is your first set of twins or more, our Second timers antenatal online course may be more appropriate to help prepare you for when your new babies arrive.

Relaxation Add-On

Finding out you are having multiples can be overwhelming and you may feel that your chances of having the beautiful, calm birth you envisaged have flown out of the window. Our Relaxation Add-on session will look at what you can do to have a positive birth whatever the circumstances.

The additional session costs £40 and can be booked on the Relaxation course page.

Private Courses

We can also offer private online sessions. Please e-mail if you are interested in arranging a private course. The cost is from £185 for two people for a total of 3 hours; this can be arranged for one 3-hour session or two 1.5-hour sessions.

Please note that terms and conditions apply to all courses, particularly if you need to cancel for any reason.