There’s no denying that growing up as a twin, triplet or more is a unique experience. After all, they have shared a womb and were born as the same time as their sibling – we think that’s pretty special.

Most multiple birth children navigate their way through the teenage years in the same way as any other teenager. In fact, in some ways it can be easier being a multiple birth child as he/she has a sibling that is in the same situation, sharing similar thoughts and emotions.  

Although, as a parent it’s worth being mindful that a twin, triplet or more relationship can be a focus of comparisons and competitiveness.

Some of the information in this section has been adapted from the Finnish Adolescence Guide.

Growing in independence

The time will come during the teenage years that your children will want to spend more time with their friends than with you.

Sibling jealousy, competition and comparison

With emotions running high during the teenage years, your children can be very sensitive to feeling that their sibling is getting more attention or they are finding things trickier to do than their sibling.

Making Decisions

When the time comes to make decisions about relationships, career choices and lifestyles, your children will need to make these independently.


When teenage multiple birth siblings start to date it can be trickier to deal with than siblings that are different ages.

Entering adulthood

It’s hard to take a step back when your children start the journey into adulthood

Parenting teenage multiples

Being a parent of teenage twins, triplets or more is a big milestone for all. Isabelle, a parent of 13 year old twins, shares her experience.

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